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Duck terrine
This dish is very popular throughout the south of France. It brings culinary experience to your table, achieved with traditional skills and tasteful creations of the ancient farmhouses.
Cabagge soup
Delicious thick soup cooked according to the recipes of our grandmothers complemented with sausage from our own home production is not only an excellent option for little hunger, but also a good start for pleasantly spent time at lunch with family or friends.
Breast of duck
Duck breast, highlighted by its tender meat, combined with crispy baked skin and vegetable puree, which brings freshness and lightness to this meal. Something as good as the duck breast should not miss the potato „přesňáky“. This is exactly the food that will make your day.
Flank steak
Flank steak is a large flat piece of muscle from the bottom part of the navel of a young bull. This flavourful piece of meat is firmer and more fibrous but it tastes great. Meat dominates the dish and it is flavored with pepřová omáčka a celerové pyré.
Pork cheeks
Have you ever eaten meat so tender that melts on your tongue? Such as pork cheeks in the restaurant U Tlustých. Czech pig killing feast is a tradition that can never be overcome.
Pork sausages
Another option for you to taste our own homemade smoked products. Pork sausages filled into natural casings and raw baked.
Salad with smoked tenderloin
Pork tenderloin served in another variant. This time it is smoked tenderloin, which is served with vegetable salad seasoned with horseradish dip. As a side dish there is a toasted herbal baguette.
Chocolate fondant
Chocolate explosion, fondant is great for every occasion, not only for a special one. The memory of the taste of cake with warm chocolate inside and wild fruits sauce will remain in your mind for a long time.


Heat-processed product contains 100% meat, which is stuffed into casings from hog intestines and smoked with warm smoke. It does not contain any gluten. Smoked meats are loaded in classic way in brine and smoked with warm smoke on oak woodchips. Headcheese, white pudding, black budding are made according to old classic recipes like our grandfathers used to make and then hand-skewered and tied.

Since I have been a little boy, I tried to reveal the secrets of meat production with the help of my dad František. We raised domestic pigs, up to seven of them per year. My dad even worked in Fruta Lednice plant as a master of sterile production. His uncle, Karel Cupal, was as a butcher in charge of slaughterhouse in Břeclav, that´s why he was our teacher in butcher crafts.

Childhood and its atmosphere always leave a piece of something in a man. And besides, my name is connected with food, I have always longed to have my own production and now I fulfilled my wish.

Andrej Tlustý

You can see video and photos from the production itself in the video below or in the photo gallery.